LED Lighting

The time is now to switch over from the Conventional lighting ie. Incandescent lamps and fluorescent lights to LEDS(Light Emitting Diodes).

The principal benefits of using LEDs over conventional Lighting are:
  • Very low power consumption
  • The regular recessed Lights that we use consumes 21W/40W of Power but using an LED would cut down the power Consumption to only 3W ie 7 times Less.
  • The regular fluorescent tube light Consumes 40W of Power but the LED tube light that would consumes only 9W of power cutting down the electricity bills by 80%.
  • Very long life span the average life span of an LED is 50,000-1,00,000 ie 20yrs. if used 10 hours a day. If calculated the cost of the LED would be recovered in a year and the rest 19years enjoy luxury of LEDs.
  • Low surface temperature and noise free lighting.
The Average surface temperature of incandescent lamp is 900C, if operated for an hour and that for flourescent light is 600C, and that for LED is 250C so the heat dissipated by LEDS is less than 100% over the conventional lighting so that would have a huge effect on your a/c bills too.

Green Technology
In this era when we are facing a huge crisis in the name of global warming LED is an answer to it. The products used by our company are free of mercury and are ROHS approved that overcomes the basic drawback of using flowrescent light. So if you are having some amount of love of our mother earth switch to LEDS.

The colour and size of LEDS can be varied to such a degree that can't be compared to the Traditional lighting. Our company offers various kinds of LEDS namely.
  • 3mm LEDS
  • 5mm LEDS
  • 8mm LEDS
  • 10mm LEDS
  • SMD'S
  • HIGH power LEDS
  • Super flux LEDS
And the best part is that LEDS can be operated b/w Temp of -10oC to 60oC, for outdoor use (IP 65 silicon Coated material le. Waterproof is also abailable)

Our company makes use of only high quality LEDS namely CREE, EDISON, OSRAM, EVER LIGHT, LUMITED etc. and our products come with a warranty.

LED is having a very wide application right from being used in signages, illuminating channel Letters, Land Marks, Commercial Lighting, Hospitals, Hotel, Restaurant, Malls, Subways, Architectural lighting Highways, Auto lighting, Headlamps, Tail Lamps etc.

Easy Installation
The Diodes can easily be installed at any place without much knowledge of them. They don't undergo a short circuit as an LED Light doesn't work on a reverse bias.

Light bulb life span(hrs) 50,000 10,000 1,200
Watts per bulb 6 14 60
Bulbs needed for 50k hrs of working 1 5 42
Kwh of electricity used over 50k hrs 300 700 3000

450 4-5 8-12 40
300-900 6-8 13-18 60
1100-1300 9-13 18-22 75-100

Frequent on off cycling No effect Shortens life span Some effect
Turns on instantly Yes No Yes
durability durable Very fragile Fragile
Heat Emmited 3btu's/hr 30 btu's/hr 85btu's/hr
Sensitivity to temp and humidity No Yes Some
Hazardous material none mercury none
Replacement frequency over 50k hrs 1 5 40+